Sending at scale, because the more of your audience you can reach,

Once you have your email content locked down, GoSend makes it easy and affordable to reach your full list quickly. Say goodbye to your current publishing woes.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or ready for exponential growth

GoSend helps organize your lead and newsletter lists, setup and schedule campaigns, and hit the inboxes to drive traffic and cultivate engagement. 

The first step to success is showing up

When your message needs to be in hundreds, thousands, or millions of places at once it can be daunting. GoSend make it possible for large organizations, nonprofits, individuals, businesses of all sizes and entrepreneurs get their message across.

Automate your Marketing

Set and forget the boring logistics so you never have to fuss with manual sending bulk email campaigns again.

Unique Customer Experienc

GoSend has the perfect mix of personal attention for our clients’ success and laser-focused scope.

Manage your Contacts

Create and save targeted audiences through our segmentation options and put custom-tailored messaging in front of your diverse and specific user groups.

Drive Business Leads

With GoSend you can take cold contacts and nurture them to loyal customers, brand evangelists, and sources of referrals for years to come.

Departments working together?

Create visibility across multiple individuals and teams contributing to your email content and publishing, making cross-functional workflow easy and organized.

Maximize your delivery rate

You will be able to focus on strategy, content, and storytelling with the logistics on autopilot.


Test how your emails will look and work across different inboxes on different devices.

A/B Test

Automated. measure, and iterate standalone and recurring emails.


Drive results through data measurement and analysis.

The bottom line:

Nothing boosts conversion more than deliverability. If the customer never receives your message, they’re definitely not going to click on it. We can make sure that doesn’t happen by getting your messages where they need to be – in front of your customers.